About Me

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Hello! My name is Lila Johnson and I am currently a Senior at Drake University, located in Des Moines Iowa. For the past four years I have been studying Graphic Design and Advertising, but my passion for communication has been with me for a lifetime. To me there is no greater feeling than finding the best way to communicate a piece of information, and the process that goes along with making that decision.

Good graphic design goes unnoticed often, because good graphic design should communicate what it needs to so effortlessly that you don’t need to take special notice to it. Working with design elements to create something both functional and beautiful is a puzzle you can solve over and over again, and that is what I am hoping to do the rest of my life!

During my undergraduate education I have had the opportunity to do many different projects, both inside and out of the classroom in order to grow my skillset. This includes with my current job at The Harkin Institute as an Undergraduate Graphic Design Associate, which has allowed me to communicate messaging that is going to make a difference in the world. Not only have I been able to strengthen my work with branding guidelines, but I also have acquired a lot of knowledge on making things that are accessible to the disabled community. For example, I have worked on designing research reports to go along with two of the major international events the Harkin Institute facilitates and making these reports accessible (especially online) was key!

Some of my favorite work that I have done in college has been with Drake Political Review, a publication I joined my freshman year that I have been with ever since. Serving many different roles on the DPR staff over the years has given me a complete look at what it takes to make a magazine happen. When I started with DPR it was an underdog with great potential, and with the my own dedication along with others it has grown into something people can get excited about and be proud of. Check out our latest issue, for which I served as Art Director) from Fall 2020 here.

Those are just two highlights of my college career, for a more in depth look at my work, take a look at my portfolio! There I have more details on specific projects I have done for the previously mentioned organizations, as well as work from a lot more. My portfolio is under the portfolio located on the side menu, also on my side menu is my Resume where you can see a more complete work history.